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In love: Once & Forever - Book Review 3

Title: In love: Once & Forever
Author: K. Krishna Kumar
ISBN: 978-81-8253-318-9
Genre: Romance
Pages: 150
Rating: 2/5

My Review

By the author’s own admission, the book may have been written in the worst possible English, but this book indeed draws its positives.
Not a work of fiction or a novel, the book written in autobiographical style traces the life course of the author through his adolescence.
The author reveals to the readers, the first time he fell in love with a girl was while he was only in his ninth standard as a freshman in a new school. Not one to believe in love at first sight, his attraction towards the girl stayed put and in fact, continued to grow until he could not imagine a life without her.
Yet, timid and shy that he was, he stayed away from expressing his undying love to her. School days went by and so did the plus two level where both moved along with many of their batch-mates to study at a neighbouring and more illustrious school. At the time of placements and with the choice he eventually made, he moved to an engineering college far from home. He may have missed staying with his parents, but what he dearly missed was not seeing her as she moved for further studies to an unknown college. He continued to live in the hope that one day she would eventually be his and she would realize how much he meant to her. In his engineering college, like in his case, his new buddy and room-mate, Sakthi Praveen had an unconfessed love story. With Sakthi finally taking the initiative to propose to the girl of his dreams, he met with rejection which ended in a catastrophe. While Krishna felt the void of his confidante’s absence, he hoped his story would take a happier turn. And finally, while in his third year, he proposed to the girl he dreamt on spending the rest of his life with through a mail. With no reply coming from her end after many months and another proposal attempt in person proving futile, he decided it was not the end of the world. It was not the case of love labour lost but taking her rejection sportingly.
Therein lays a message to all the youth out there, especially those undergoing the tumultuous transitional phase of late childhood to adulthood wherein infatuation, puppy love, one-sided love can sometimes takes an uneventful, drastic turn.
To borrow an extract from the book, “And it is my love towards her which taught me, how to love someone. Let that someone be the girl I am going to marry.” In other words though your love for someone may go unrequited, that someone you love may not reciprocate your feelings, spurn your proposal, it is simply not the end of the road. In fact, it is the end of a tunnel which brings again brightness and new hope. It teaches the unrequited lover that his/her first experience in love will hold him/her in good stead for a bright future, if not happier to the one he/she eventually settles down with.
My lament with this book is apart from the abysmal English, the chapters are presented in a pathetic manner. Within 150 pages, there are as many as 61 chapters with a number of them being just a page. Stranger than fiction?! Well, in this case it is with reality. The poetry may be way below the mark grammatically, but it does express the thoughts of the silent lover admirably well.
This book is a must-have for those going through the phase of adolescence, unrequited lovers and brokenhearted. 

About The Author

K. Krishna Kumar, born in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), is an aeronautical engineering degree holder and is placed in an IT Firm. The 21-year-old with an unrequited love story urging to be expressed to the world, longed to become a script writer, but that seemed to be an onerous task. This did not pull him down but kept his hopes and aims high. He took up the journey of writing, not afraid where the trip may lead him to.

One never afraid of failures, criticisms and getting less recognition than what his works indeed deserve, he bore in his heart the belief that he should always write something that will bring change in human lives. 

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