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Anything Else - Book Trailer 1

Title: Anything Else
Author: Aakash Deep
Publisher: Mahaveer
ISBN: Not Yet
Genre: Romance/Youth Fiction
Pages: 230
Release Date: Tentatively, August 2012


He believes “Everything is uncomfortable for the first time: School, Smoking or Sex”. Like any undecided, impatient and impulsive teenager, he has fun, friends and an eventful life. His life follows Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong, goes wrong. His life is enviable because he is happy with his life, satisfied. His social circle is large enough to make his cell phone chime all the day.
She is the simple-stupid-silly-romantic girl. The flamboyant diva. The girl who believes in him and loves him unconditionally.
Meet Sashwat and Swadha, the hottest couple in the school.  Their story is one of the most entertaining High school love stories.
Welcome to his world full of booze, bikes, babes, tea stalls, accidents, street fights, first-day-first-show-movies and unconditional love. Witness him rediscover himself and his true love.
How does Sashwat's life take an ugly turn? Does he fall, collide or escape the accident? En route all events, Sashwat loses Swadha. For good. Does he get her back or a cruel end awaits them?
An excessively humorous joyride of small town hostel life, passionate, youthful teenage: success, failure, trials and unseen facets of the high school life. Take the ride. But always wear a helmet ;-)

My View

Going by the Trailer and the Synopsis, it has all the makings to be a very popular read among the teeny-boppers and a must-have on their book-shelves. Such things do occur during adolescence and when teens face peer pressure.

About The Author-to-be

It has been eighteen years since his birth on an ominous and stormy night that Aakash has been burdening the earth. Those who know him closely associate him with all sorts of uninteresting and dull things in life. He pretends to be a good musician and is expert at posing with a Guitar or a Violin.
Apart from irritating all people, he likes to stay quiet in his room listening to Mohit Chauhan. He takes pride to be a congenital introvert.
He celebrates all the mails that he receives (he receives only matrimonials) and believes that he can make people smile.
He can be contacted at
He also has a working Facebook account
and adds all strangers.
He writes accidentally tragic stories at his blog
You may like the official page for the novel here:

Kindly Note

From the trailer to all the other information on this post, barring 'My View', of course,  is provided, courtesy the author to-be. 

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