Friday, 20 July 2012

Welcome Literary World !!!

There was this urge the other day to create an all new, dedicated blog  catering exclusively to the literary community.  And here I am, finally planting the seed of the thought that promises to germinate and transcend to a whole new level bringing together the literary world on one platform.

In time, I have made many friends among authors and bookaholics on a social networking site, and it was expected of me being in the profession that I am to review books that I read. Complimentary book copies have been coming my way apart from the regular pre-orders and orders and purchases of books that I make. Apart from book reviews here, you will be reading interviews and getting news about the authors. 

It is my own special way of appreciating the authors' dedication, determination and devotion to retaining a source of entertainment in our lives which has a special charm of its own when the reader thumbs the pages, wafting through the freshness or even for that matter, staleness of the pages from cover to cover. 

I would assure visitors and members on this URL a delightful experience through literary love and last. Cheers !!!

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