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I’m Heartless … A Real Confession - Book Review 2

Title: I’m Heartless … A Real Confession
Author: Vinit K. Bansal
ISBN: 978-81-83520-96-6
Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers
Genre: Fiction/ Romance
Rating: 3.25/5

My Review

“Am I really a heartless person, a shameless creature, a selfish man?, the main protagonist, Viren asks himself … when his life is torn apart to smithereens.
He toyed with the unconditional love that Manasi, his best friend had for him. It was she who was his constant companion, sharing in his laughs and happiness and lent her shoulder to lean on, in his sorrow. Even when he revealed to Manasi about his unrequited love for his Pari, and despite being stabbed in her heart, Manasi’s undying adoration for Viren remained steadfast as she always wanted to see him happy and his joy meant the world to her.
While he stayed unmoved with his crazy, one-sided love with his Pari, she kept him on tenterhooks for an answer for a year-and-a-half, a time wherein she spent fun-filled Sundays with him as he continued to despair for an affirmative to his proposal.
As the narrator, who is also the protagonist tells us, it is not people who are always wrong; at times it is the circumstances that force them to act in a manner that they do.
So was really Viren at fault? Perhaps fate would not have played cruel with Viren and the heartless trait in him would not have come to the fore. One can also not forget how Manasi played a significant role in bringing Viren out of depression after his dreams of a future with his Pari came crashing down to earth. Through the dark phase, she was by his side with her presence and spirit. And what did he do in return? He coerced her to come to Delhi where he moved, on the pretext to spend quality time with him. While the naïve, sweet lass sacrificed her education and career for her beloved, animal instincts grew on him and he played with her innocent, selfless love for him when she thought he was giving love a second chance. Not just that he also had a sexcapade with another girl when on a visit to Chandigarh.
I would like to ask the readers here, ‘when your heart cries for the one you love but does not reciprocate your feelings but your brain favours the one who loves you from the depths of her/his heart, what choice would you make? Like the central character, who made a life-destroying, wrong choice, many of us perhaps would too. Herein, lays hidden the message of the author. I felt a glimpse of myself mainly through the protagonist in the novel.
But all is not bad that we see in Viren. One cannot forget his role played along with his University friends in helping two love-birds to escape to freedom away from the clutches which had them caged.
The novel starts with the prologue of a recuperating Viren in a hospital from a suicidal attempt and promises to take the reader on an emotional journey set against the backdrop of the of the Kurukshetra University. The poem, on the Pari, the protagonist dreams of as a child who he finds later in his life is surely very captivating. In between, we discover ego clashes, envy, contempt, betrayal and guilt which douse the true embodiment of love to the passage where we reach the final chapter, where the protagonist, pours out his heart to Manasi in a confession. The closing pages make for a real heart-rending read and even the emotionally strong readers will surely feel the pain and anguish that the author may have felt when writing his story.
The author has to be lauded for the plot which has substance and carries a really strong and touching message. But coming to its drawbacks, there have been unnecessary efforts for explanations, black bindi (dot) and hot chicks (girls), to cite examples. While the writing may seem amateurish, there have been instances where spellings and punctuations have been found wanting. Bombastic words have also been used superfluously. 

About The Author

Vinit K. Bansal, born in Tohana (Haryana), is fond of reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. He earned his Masters degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at college and university level. He continues to nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in this book. As a voracious reader and an avid writer, his vision extends to the realm of social service too. In his own words, “I derive inspiration from India's former President, Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam.” At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi and loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he finds time.
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  1. So should we go for this book or not?

  2. I would say yes, not just because it is a real-life story put in the fiction category, but it is unlike the oft read campus romance stories. It does pull the strings of one's heart. For the weak-hearted types, it is advisable to keep a tissue pack with them whilst reading this easy-paced novel.

    1. Add this to your review as well..
      I'll have to keep a tissue pack then :)

    2. nice to know u have a funny bone :P

      trust I could feel it sometime :))

  3. will borrow d book 4rm u 2 read.

    1. yea ... wanted to tell you that.

      and I knew you would especially be keen to read, that you came to understand I could relate to it to a certain extent :/

  4. last week 2 gals came to meet me all the way from Gurgaon..
    just to say few words
    "Mr. vinit u r really a heartless man"

    Hey Basil... m i really a heartless person?

  5. hmm ...lets put this question forward to the readers of your debut novel which has been reviewed here. I have given my verdict in the review itself.

  6. first time I visited this blog. Blog seems very awesome. this book review is very useful. I also would like to participate in your discussion.
    all the very best wishes..

    1. hiiii, thx for the visit and for your appreciation. Yes, slowly but surely, am getting authors and bookaholics connected here. Do keep an eye on this blog :))In the meanwhile, make it a point to read this book :))

  7. very nice and precise review. Good to read

    1. thanks Himani ... encouraging words by a famous book reviewer as you gives me the 'feel good' vibes ^_^